A flattering design is always a better first impression than an intriguing specs sheet. Toyota could certainly attest to that looking at the state of the current Prius.

It offers a better all-round drive and unparalleled fuel efficiency, but its commercial performance is suffering because people cannot get over the fact that it’s an eye-sore. The same principle applies to the 2016 Nissan Leaf – though there are other glaring reasons prospective buyers are holding back.

On the whole, people are refraining from the current model not because they intend to shop elsewhere, but because they intend to purchase the next-gen model.

They are banking on the hope that, among other changes, the electric hatch would get rid of its ‘insect’ front fascia and fix its overall proportions. And they’re hoping that the design of its second-gen model would be based on the Nissan IDS Concept that showed up last year.

nissan ids dark

Although the concept is meant primarily to showcase Nissan’s vision for its autonomous driving technology, it was also teased as a future design language for the brand. It sported a distinctly futuristic outline with the only familiar element being the automaker’s corporate grille.

For the upcoming Leaf, looks can really kill; but it’s a matter of which it kills – itself or its rivals. If the Leaf could implement that grille and adopt a more balanced hatch posture, such as the Chevrolet Bolt, it would be miles better than what we currently have.

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