By now, we’re sure that most would have heard of the news that Ford will be reviving the Ford Ranger pickup along with the Ford Bronco SUV for the American market.

The US version of the Ranger will not differ much from the international version but the Bronco, on the other hand, will remain “true to its heritage,” as claimed by Ford’s American President Joe Hinrichs.

This suggest that the Bronco will be a true off-road SUV. However, the Ford executive failed to let anything out of the bag when it came to design – merely stating that we’ll be able to “recognize it as a Bronco,” according to Automotive News.

Ford’s executive chairman, Bill Ford, confirmed during the Detroit Auto Show, that the Ranger and the Bronco will be body-on-frame models underpinning the T6 platform, developed in Australia.

Ford is basically saying that the Bronco will be made a capable off-roader that will be instantly recognizable to fans.

Sounds familiar?

Well, this is precisely the same thing Jeep has been saying about its upcoming 2018 Wrangler. So, the Bronco is gaming for the ‘heritage 4×4’ appeal, just like the mighty Wrangler.

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