The Ford Electric Mach 1 also known internally as CX430 will be revealed next year with sales starting in 2020. Here is what we know about the electric vehicle so far.

According to Autocar, the vehicle will be riding on the C2 platform which is the same platform that the Ford Focus is riding on now. The vehicle will come in to sit alongside models like the Ford Escape and Ford Kuga.

The vehicle will also be fitted with a new design that is based on the Ford Mustang. It is believed that we will be seeing more Mustang based SUV from Ford in the near future and the automaker as boldly announce that they will be killing off most of their sedans and focus more on SUVs and crossovers. That means we will not be seeing the Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, and Focus soon.

What do you think of Ford’s sudden announcement?

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