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Ford Keeping Cars Secure With Unique Print


Automakers have been trying to come out with ways to combat wheel and tire theft and the latest prevention from Ford comes in the form of a unique print.

The automaker reveals that they are working on a new 3D printed locking wheel nut made from using a unique biometric signature based on the driver’s voice. The engineer would record the driver’s voice for one second and convert that into a 3D print for the nut and key.

The nut’s inside are also filled with ribs and indentation so that they can’t make a wax imprint of the pattern when the ribs would break the wax. However, the tech is just a concept right now and we do not know or if Ford actually plans to implement this tech and use it on their future models.

Do you think this will help in lowering the chances of drivers getting their wheels stolen?

Author:Michelle Kade

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