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Ford Mach E RWD Trim Option Spotted?


Ford has already made it pretty clear that they are working on a new crossover model that is based on the Ford Mustang. They do not have a name for it right now but some people are calling it the Mach E for now.

It was reported that the EV SUV will have about 300 miles of range to offer when it arrives next year and that it will be offered with a rear-wheel-drive system. This detail came to light after The Drive pointed out that Electrify America edited the sentence in their press release to show that the vehicle will be a rear-wheel drive.

Ford has not said anything yet but some people think that the text might have been misinterpreted or that there might be an RWD version that would be offered along with the standard version of the Mach E.

At this point, there are a lot of rumors and speculations on what the vehicle will actually be offering but we will have to wait for Ford to officially announce it before we can be certain of which is true and which is not.

Author:Michelle Kade

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