The current-gen Ford Mustang that was introduced in 2015 would be expected to last at least a decade, but it looks like there could be changes in plans as word from the grapevine suggests a next-gen model by 2020.

This rumor came from the forums at and was reported by Autoblog. It could probably have been sourced from a part of the Blue Oval supply chain, or perhaps investors.

Anyway, it looks like Ford doesn’t want to let dust gather on the current-gen model that has been too successful in making the Chevy Camaro look second-rate. Some guesses point to Ford moving its pony to an all-aluminum build akin the Ford F-150 given the cost-savings that could be derived.

However, Ford’s best-selling pickup hasn’t yet realized much cost-savings or efficiency improvements from going fully aluminum with the truck’s build. Besides, its body-on-frame anatomy cannot be compared to the body of the Mustang, so the argument for aluminum is untenable.

Could it be that a new platform will be introduced for Lincoln then trickled down to the Mustang? Perhaps Ford has developed a blueprint for a platform that can help shed plenty of weight of the pony. Or perhaps the rumor is just a hoax.

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