While Ford Mustang fans were happy to see the Bullitt at the Detroit Auto Show this year, others were hoping that Ford would also show us the Shelby GT500 but that did not happen. Just when we thought it was over, Ford released a new GT500 teaser video.

Of course, Ford made it no secret that the video is about the Shelby since the title of the brief that followed was “Most Powerful Street-Legal Production Ford Ever: All New Mustang Shelby GT500 To Attack Tracks, Drag Strips In 2019.”

Here is what we know that the Shelby GT500. The vehicle will be released in 2019. Ford also suggested that the vehicle will be offering more than 700hp with its supercharged V8 engine. The video did give us a peek at the new front splitter, vented hood, massive brakes and more.

You can check out the new GT500 teaser video and tell us what you think of it.

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