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Ford Pickup Top Will Not Stay On Forever


Jeep Gladiator has blurred the lines between a convertible and a truck and it looks like Ford is looking to join them as well as new images are taken from a patent Ford filed seems to show them working on giving their upcoming pickup truck a removable top.

The images which were uncovered by Ford Authority showed the four-door pickup truck getting a two-piece heard top with the roof panel piece lathicng to the windshield frame while the second piece hooks onto the rear panel of the vehicle.

The patent did not mention what the panels are made of but since Fod does intend to have it be removable, the material should be something light. Of course, most people believe that if Ford does want to offer a removable top truck, it will only come with the next-gen Ford Ranger but there is always a chance that the patent will not even make it into production so take it all in with a pinch of salt.

Author:Michelle Kade

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