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Ford Ranger To Get More ARB Parts Soon!


The Ford Ranger is already pretty rugged with what it has to offer now but Ford is looking to offer their customers even more options now.

The automaker announces that they will be offering a few more off-road accessories for the 2019 Ford Ranger including a new steel off-road bumper from ARB, the off-road parts manufacturer.

The new bumper will be made out of a 3/16-inch steel plate that is powder-coated to make sure it does not rust. The bumper will also come with mounting points for antennae, flags, jacking points and more. The parts will fit the NA version of the Ford Ranger, meets federal crash standards, and do not get in the way of driver-assist systems that the Ford Ranger already has.

We should expect to see more ARB parts release for Ford in the future. The new bumper will be sold for $1495.

Author:Michelle Kade

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