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Ford Wants To Combine Roof & Windshield?


Automakers would come out with odd and interesting designs from time to time and for Ford, their new crazy idea might be a windshield that could also be a roof.

The patent revealed by Mach E Club showed that the Ford Mustang fitted with a windshield that extends above the head and front-row passenger seat to become part of the roof as well.

To make sure it is safe and tough, the roof, windshield was given a pair of roof rails and horizontal rails that would make it much tougher. Of course, we do not know how serious Ford is about the design or if they have done any testing at this point.

As interesting as the patent is, it is also common for automakers to file for patents just to make sure they have it in their arsenal but most patents doesn’t really see the light.

Author:Michelle Kade

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