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Fortnite: BRUTE Mechs Gets Taken Out?


Fortnite fans have made it pretty clear that they are not a fan of the new BRUTE Mechs that have been added to the game as they felt it was overpowered. While Epic Games have assured the fans that the win rate of the BRUTE Mechs is pretty average, the fans are still not convinced.

Well, it was reported by players that BRUTE mechs are exploding instantly when they appear on the map. It was explained in the game that the Visitor could be the reason why the BRUTE mechs are exploding.

Of course, it puts a nice touch to the story but most people believe that Epic Games wants to get rid of the BRUTE mechs after so much negative feedback from the fans and this is how they are doing it.

Seeing as this all is happening before Season 11, it made sense that Fortnite would want to do some clean up before they start introducing something new.

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