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Fortnite Cross-Play Matchmaking Woes Heard But…


With the arrival of Season 11 for Fortnite, fans got to experience some of the changes that Epic Games made for the game and from the feedback that we have been seeing, the fans are not happy with some of the changes they made.

Since the update, Epic Games have come out to say that they are aware of the complains that the fans have but they will not be rolling back any changes for now adding that the new matchmaking system accounts for various skill level across the platforms and controls and will put those at a similar level together.

They added that they want to create a fairer match for all their player and wants to have players play against others from all platform. They are also looking at how this will change the game and will continue to work to ensure that all matches are as fair as possible.

So it looks like players will have to play through the current matchmaking and hope that it will continue to improve in the near future.

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