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Fortnite New Crossover Event Will Involve The Dark Knight


Epic Games have been teasing fans with the next crossover event for some time now and it has now announced that it will be a Batman crossover event in celebrating of the 80th anniversary of Batman’s first comic.

Batman will be appearing in the game from now until the 6th of October and players will have a chance to get some cool new items including the Batman skin, Batman gadgets and more.

There will also be a Batman Caped Crusader Pack in the in-game store which will give you a Batwing-styled glider, Batman-themed harvesting tool, and more Batman-inspired items like Catwomen skin.

A new Rift Zone has also opened up that will turn the Tilted Town into Gotham City and players will be able to use the Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang. There will also be a few new Batman-themed challenges. Check out the new trailer below.

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