To keep the game fresh and exciting, it is important that the developer of Fortnite continues to evolve the game and add new features to keep it fun. Well, the developer has just announced the next big addition to the game.

Besides bringing in the highly anticipated jetpack, Epic Games also announced some of the new modes and upgrades that they will be making to the game. Players can expect to find the new Playground mode which is a Limited Time Mode that will load players into the Battle Royale map with an extended period of time to roam around, more resource, all treasure chests, ammo crates and more. Friendly fire will also be enabled so watch where you shoot but even if you die, you will respawn immediately.

Epic also revealed that they will be tweaking the controllers as well as the Builder Pro and Turbo Building feature. Edit Mode will also get an optional aim assist option.

These are just some of the updates that fans can expect to find with the next update.

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