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Fortnite New Weapon Will Help You Fish & Kill


Epic Games is changing things up in Fortnite’s new chapter with some new maps, new mechanics and new challenges. One of the new mechanics is the fishing mechanic where players can fish to boost their stats but Epic has now added a new weapon that will not only help you fish but will also allow you to kill with it.

The new harpoon can be used to grab fish and also loot. Once you get a fish on the line, you can fire the harpoon to snag it. The harpoon can also be used on players. A shot will do 75 damage to the player and will also pull them towards you which could be good or bad depending on your situation.

The harpoon was one of the many surprises that Epic has in store for the game. No patch notes were released so players are slowly discovering all the new goodies that Epic has added to the game.

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