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Fortnite: Put Down Those Guns And Party


In Fortnite, it is either kill or be killed but the developer has now added something a little more peaceful to keep their fans entertained.

The new mode added to the Fortnite game was first discovered by data miners but Epic Games has now officially announced it. Called Party Royale, the model will allow players to explore the island and engage with non-combat activities on the map including skydiving.

The map for this new mode will be smaller than the battle royale mode with custom activities to complete. Players will be thrown into a small squad when the mode launches.

On top of that, the game will also be getting the 12.50 update now but no patch notes were released as usual so players will have to try to find out what the update will have to offer on their own. Some players reported that the update has now changed the amount of aim assist given to controller players which is something fans have been asking for.

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