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Fortnite V12.30 Update Only Hours Away


Fortnite will be getting its next major update soon as the second chapter for Season 2 and here is what the fans think will come with the new patch.

Last week’s update came with some new challenges and rewards along with a few bug fixes so we can probably expect to see something similar when the V12.30 update arrives. More content can be expected along with a few fixes for the bugs.

Some of the bugs that Epic Games is focusing on right now include the Harpoon Gun and Auto PickUp issue. The bug in Spy Games where players are getting stick at Select Tech screen could also get fixed.

Epic has announced that the updated downtime will start at 2 AM ET on the 31st of March but as usual, they did not mention how long the update will be. The update will most likely come without any patch notes as well so fans will just have to figure out what it has on their own.

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