After ending the original trilogy rather oddly, Bioware is hoping that a fresh start with the fourth title will bring back the love for the Mass Effect franchise. This comes from overhauling the ensemble and introducing a new galaxy for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

There are signs, nevertheless, that the series could be done for looking at a big shift is occurring at BioWare.

Chris Schlerf, the lead writer for Andromeda has walked out the door and confirmed his exit from BioWare to Bungie. His leaving is just one of many, and it should be far from the last in the near future.

A good number of talents from BioWare moved out, and plenty have jumped ship to Beamdog which was founded by the former co-founder and former lead programmer of BioWare.

There has been a stream of exits from the team that worked on the original Mass Effect games.

A little while back, David Gaider, the lead writer for the Dragon Age franchise did the same. While Casey Hudson, the Creative Director only decided to make his move out after the launch of Mass Effect 3, most of the early writers had departed before the game was done.

Is this an effect of a draconian EA rule? Under the EA iron rod, there have been other developers that have been boxed in and it is safe to say that it has resulted in the botching of many great game titles.

As such, will the original vision of the series continue after Mass Effect: Andromeda? Some others would just end a series when it ends badly but we know that EA won’t do that with a popular IP.

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