It has lately been revealed that Rockstar does indeed make money like a rockstar from Grand Theft Auto V. Yes, selling retail and digital copies does bring in the dough, but microtransactions from GTA Online has proven to be a lucrative side business.

The developer made $500 million off of selling players DLCs for GTA Online, and there are fresh plans to continue doing so.

This time, there are two noteworthy updates – one expands on the subject matter of living the organized criminal life and the other deals with new equipment to carry out more ludicrous stunts.

On the organized crime side players will engage in contraband trafficking, while for stunts it’s just a matter of them outdoing themselves. Some believe that stuff like these are worth forking out money for, and there are those who believe that players who do so are playing into Rockstar’s hands.

A lot of microtransaction critics feel shortchanged by the fact that Rockstar doesn’t devote any attention at all to offering any DLCs for GTA V single-player mode, but we don’t think Rockstar really cares. If there’s a crap ton of money in offering single-player DLCs the developer would be on it in a heartbeat.

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