Porsche will not be slowing down on its electrification journey in the next decade, according to Automobilwoche.

Oliver Blume, the head of Porsche, revealed to the publication that more electric models would be arriving from the company in the course of the next 10 years. Besides that, Michael Steiner, development head of Porsche, has been reported to be working on electrifying the Porsche 718.

However, Blume had insisted that this is still under consideration and no decision has been made in regards to electrifying the vehicle.

Porsche is not alone in this; BMW may be going all-electric with its i8, too. According to Britain’s Autocar, the automaker is looking to build a prototype all-electric i8 although there are no plans to make it into production, for now. The report had also said that the prototype would be using three electric motors instead of the standard i8 powertrain.

Keep in mind that these are merely speculations for now as both these automakers have yet to reveal an official announcement on the prospect of all-electric models in the future.

Well, do you think Porsche and BMW will go through with this electrification versions?

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