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Future Tesla Wants To Cool Down With Liquid Seats


Having heated and cooling seats in a vehicle is not exactly a new thing but how Tesla plans to do it in their future models are.

Car and Driver reported that Tesla might be looking to cool and heat the seats of future Tesla models using a liquid as Tesla thinks that it could be a better way than the current electric heating and fan cooling seats.

In the patent, it showed that the seats will be fitted with a layer of fluid under the occupant sits and is surrounded by another later which will be where the heating and cooling elements will be. There is also a small pump that will send the liquid around the seat to cool or heat it up.

There was no mention of the kind of liquid Tesla will be using but most people think it will probably be some kind of gel. The patent also had a few precautionary measures to make sure there is no leak and that the liquid can flow smoothly.

Of course, whether this will actually make it out into the market is a different matter.

Author:Michelle Kade

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