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General Motors Keeping Options Simple To Save Up For EVs


With General Motors now wanting to focus more on offering more EV models for the future, they are looking for ways to cut costs so that they have enough resources to go full-on with their EV plans.

One way that they are looking to save up is to cut build possibilities of their vehicles. Two models that were used as examples here include the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrian which will have its build possibilities but by more than 50% and will be using more shard parts.

The Equinox and Terrain will both of offering only six options while the engine options will go from 11 to 5.

The money saved will then be used in their EV program. GM did announce that they are looking to offer 20 electric vehicles by 2023. We already know of the models but there are others that are still a mystery at this point.

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Author:Michelle Kade

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