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General Motors Talks EV Future


With most automakers now coming up with new EVs, we should expect to see more EVs coming in the future including some from GM. Here is what the automakers have planned for the future.

GM unveiled an updated EV roadmap which is pretty similar to what they have planned in 2017 but it now includes an electric pickup truck as well. They did announce their new HUMMER EV model which will be arriving next year.

GM also talked about their new all-new electric-vehicle platform which will be what the Cadillac crossover will be riding on. They also added that their electric Cadillacs will all have proper names when it arrives instead of just alphanumeric like what they have now.

Other than that, there is still a lot that GM is keeping from the US. Hopefully, we will be learning more soon.

Author:Michelle Kade

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