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Genesis Crossover To Come Next Year


Genesis have been teasing that they will have a few more models to offer in the future during their Genesis GV80 crossover reveal. The automaker showed six silhouettes on the screen when we know that they only have four to offer at that point.

It was speculated that time that the shape of the vehicle suggests that one could be the Essentia electric coupe model while the other will be the Mint electric hatchback concept model but it was now added that Genesis could also be working on a new all-electric midsize crossover model.

There is not a whole lot of details about the electric crossover right now. There were also some talks about a GV90 model that Genesis can use to compete with the other full-size crossover in the market including the Mercedes GLS model and the BMW X7 model.

The focus on a new crossover could mean that plans for the coupe model would be pushed back even further and we are not sure if that is what we want.

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Author:Michelle Kade

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