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Genesis GV80 Recall So Soon After Release?


The Genesis GV80 was released not too long ago but it looks like it will have to head back once more as it could be recalled.

The Mistry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of South Korea has announced a recall for 823 units of the Genesis GV80 model because of a software issue.

It was explained that the Idle Stop & Go system on the GV80 had a corrective action that causes the shift to react in ways that are not normal. In some cases, the crossover will suddenly go in reverse while on the Drive model.

The fix will be to get a software update from Genesis for free. If you do own a GV80 now, do take note of the recall and contact your dealer to follow up on the fix as reversing mid-drive could lead to some serious problem on the road.

Author:Michelle Kade

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