More and more automakers are choosing not to attend some of the biggest auto show with Volvo being one of the latest to announce that they will not be attending the Geneva Motor Show this year.

According to Volvo, they will be focusing more on developing their own events in a bid to target new audiences. Volvo has already started experimenting with their announcement as the new Volvo XC40 was revealed at the 2017 Milan Fashion Week while the new Volvo V60 was shown off at a suburban home in Stockholm.

According to Bjorn Annwall, “Automatic attendance at traditional industry events is no longer viable” and they think they should find new ways of showing off their product to the world in hopes to attract new audiences.

Of course, that does not mean that we will never see them at Geneva. Volvo added that they might come back with the show does evolve in the future.

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