We know that Tesla is looking to increase the production rate of their new Tesla Model 3 and Ford is clearly preparing to take on the EV trend head on but GM is not going to roll over and surrender either.

The automaker shed some light on their EV and fuel cell plans for the near future revealing that they are looking to offer about 20 units of EV and fuel cell models by 2023. GM added that they are confident that all-electric vehicles are going to be a big player in the future but they will also continue to work on improving their internal combustion engines.

Unlike Tesla who is using their own money to get the Tesla models out, GM plans to use the profits they made with their SUVs and pickup trucks to find their EV and fuel cell plans.

Of course, we are still missing some crucial details like the company that will be used to supply the batteries for the larger models. LG Chem got to build the batter for Bolt but that might not be powerful enough for the larger models.

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