As of now, we still do not know what the next-gen GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado will be offering when it arrives but new rumors are suggesting that when the vehicles does arrives, it might be coming with a slightly higher price tag thanks to the extra materials used to build it.

It is said that GM is working on ways to reduce the weight of the truck and one of the way to do it is to use lighter material. While automakers like Ford ended up using aluminium to reduce the weight of the vehicle, it is believe that GM plans to use both aluminium and carbon fiber to help the truck shave off some extra pounds.

While that sounds great, it is also a known fact that carbon fiber is more expensive to produce and is also more time consuming which is why many believe that if GM does decide to add more carbon fiber parts, the new Sierra or Silverado could be given a bigger price tag.

However, since it would also help improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle significantly, maybe the fans would not mind the bigger price tag.

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