GM made it clear in their presentation that they are preparing to take on Tesla with electric cars of their own but that is not what everybody is talking about right now.

What the people are interested in right now is the vehicle that was shown in the presentation. When GM’s CEO, Mary Barra was talking about their electric vehicle plan, they also showed a new vehicle.

The vehicle was shown with the caption “New CUV entries”. Although Barra did not elaborate on it, people have already started speculating that this could be one of the electric cars that GM will be offering in the near future.

Some might argue that it is just a random placeholder but the image does look too realistic to be just a random placeholder. What we are also trying to figure out is if this is going to be a Chevy or Buick vehicle.

According to GM, we should be seeing 20 new EVs from them by 2023.

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