We are inching our way closer to the release date of the new God Of War game and to keep the games excited, Sony has just revealed the difficulty options that players will get to choose from.

According to Sony, there will be 4 difficulty option. The first option is called Give Me A Story, which is basically that. Players will get to enjoy the new story of God Of War, while also participating in some of the action without breaking a sweat.

The second option is called Give Me A Balanced Experience which is where players will get a nice mix of story and also experience some of the new combat and action that the game will have to offer.

Next is the Give Me A Challenge option which means players will have a harder time getting through the challenges but if that is not enough for you, there is the Give Me God Of War which is for those that “wrestle polar bears in their undies” according to Sony. In this mode, Kratos will be weaker while the enemies are significantly stronger. The enemy is also more aggressive. Those that pick this mode also can’t change out of it unless they choose to start over.

Which one will you pick?

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