The new PlayStation 4 Pro is great but there isn’t really a whole lot of reason why you should ditch the PS4 for the PS4 Pro. There are some perks but it is not a good enough reason to make the upgrade.

But if it PS4 Pro were to come with some God Of War decals, well, that would be a good enough reason. Sony has just announced the special God Of War PS4 Pro bundle and here is what you will be getting.

Like all bundle, the PS4 Pro will come with its one unique design. For God Of War, the console will be silver and grey with yellow and dark grey highlights. On the top, we will see the skill tree and in the front, we will see the runes. The controller will match the color of the controls with Huldra Brothers brand on the right grip. The GoW logo can also be seen on the touchpad.

The bundle will also include the physical copy of the game and will cost $400.

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