Change is a scary thing since you won’t know if the change was really for the better or not but when it works, it works.

The developers of the new God of War game has made it clear from the start that the new game will be unlike the past few God of War game. The weapon, the combat and overall style of the game will be different and Cory Barlog came out to explain why.

Cory Barlog revealed that he finds major change good for long running games like the God Of War franchise. He references the latest Resident Evil 7 game saying that all the major changes the developer made to that game made it so successful.

While we will have to wait and see if the same thing is going to happen to God of War, it is clear that we will be getting something fresh this time. Barlog added that he had challenged his developers to come out with a new combat system as the old one has been around for seven games now.

With all the change, some fans were not too happy but we will wait until the game arrives before we decide if the change is for the better or not.

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