There’s a reason why the Google Nexus 6 is so different from all other Nexus devices. It’s the only one with a 6.0-inch display – Quad HD no less – on a build that is set apart from all its predecessors and successors. It’s one of a kind.

That’s because the Nexus 6 was designed by Motorola which at the time was owned by Google. Sadly, circumstances eventually dictated that the company had to be sold to Lenovo, and its devices have not been the same since.

However, fans of the Nexus 6 shouldn’t lose hope, as the brain responsible for the device, Rick Osterloh (who also was in charge of the hugely successful Moto X series from which the Nexus 6 was inspired) is now at the helm of Google’s hardware division, after hopping on board at this point last year.

This may not necessarily mean that the minds at Mountain View would fashion another device like the Nexus 6, but fans of the phablet can have faith that the Google Pixel series is in good hands. Hopefully there won’t have a repeat of the current Pixel devices.

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