We know how frustrating it can get when things don’t properly align in Daydream View; but, fret not, as there are some things that you could do to fix it when it happens.

Before we go on, know that not all VR headsets are equal in their capabilities and not just any device can work with Daydream View.

Th VR headset may be able to fit many different devices but playing a game in Daydream mode simply isn’t possible for most folks with devices that aren’t compatible with Daydream.

If you have checked and see that your device is compatible with Daydream but the alignment is still off on your device, the Daydream app may be attempting to open in full screen mode, which is not usable in VR.

Well, if this happens to you, you will first need to launch your device’s Settings menu. From there, you will need to access the Wireless and Network Settings.

Check that NFC is turned on because if it’s not turned on, Daydream apps will not launch or play correctly.

Have you experienced this issue? If you have, try giving this tip a try and let us know if it has helped you in reducing you Daydream frustrations!

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