Google’s Nexus devices were affordable devices but its newly launched Pixel devices are premium devices with quite a hefty price tag slapped on it. Since its supplies are limited in some market, the Pixel devices have been growing in demand.

Google’s aim with the Nexus was to bring a stock Android experience to the market. When it came to design, the Nexus 6P and Nexus 4 stood out. Although the Nexus 5 isn’t exactly good-looking, it comes with the best balance of cost and performance.

Meanwhile, Pixel devices are equipped with the latest hardware complete with an elegant design along with some exclusive Pixel-only features.

It’s obvious that Google wants to capture iPhone lovers with this new offering as the Pixel duo resembles a lot like a typical iPhone.

So, how does the beloved Nexus brand stand against the premium Pixel brand? Based on a poll conducted by AndroidPit, it appears that out of a total 3,561 respondents, 76 percent had selected Nexus as the preferred brand over the newer Pixel brand.

The results of the poll clearly show that Pixel hasn’t won over Nexus users, though there are still many who think that Pixel is better.

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