Frustrating customers – this is what big brands are adept at doing for the very fact that they’re big. As they seek to cater to more of the market, their offerings become increasingly generic and the things that once made them special would have to go.

In the smartphone market, it’s no different. Apple does it all the time, and so does Samsung. There are bound to be plenty of early buyers left feeling sour, it doesn’t stop these companies from raking in higher profits year after year.

Perhaps Google has to do this several more times before it hits the highs of the two heavyweights in the game. The special identity of the Nexus family would have to be shed for something more akin the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S.

And that’s why we would probably never have a device like the Nexus 6 anymore, or the Nexus 6P for that matter. Google needs to ensure that its phones appeal to as much of the masses as possible, and has therefore rebranded from Nexus to Pixel for a fresh start.

All About That Bottom Line

This makes the Mountain View giant look worse in the eyes of existing fans, and that’s what happens when a company ‘sells out’. The Nexus 6 is a gorgeous and unparalleled phone, but the common man wouldn’t appreciate it as much as he/she would an iPhone 7.

And yes, that has to do with size. Folks normally don’t take a liking to anything larger than 5.7 inches. Just look for any poll concerning smartphone size preference and you would find that most people find the ideal size to be between 5.0 and 5.5 inches.

Nexus 6P

Earlier this year, for instance, an Android Authority poll found that out of over 15,000 respondents, only 16 percent said they preferred phones larger than 5.7 inches. From this, we could say that the Nexus 6P is an appropriate response to consumer opinion.

The same could perhaps be said for wireless charging. It adds convenience for many, but doesn’t appear to be imperative to the popularity of any given device. Case in point, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge didn’t manage to outsell the iPhone 6 even though Apple didn’t bother with the feature.

Moving away from all that made the Nexus 6 such a charm has worsened the Google’s image in the eyes of current users. But does it care? Not really, by the looks of it. There’s a lot more money to be made by going Apple’s way.

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Erik · January 1, 2017 at 9:29 am

The Nexus 6 was ahead of it’s time. The screen is gorgeous. Shamu is the best phone I have owned. Nothing I have seen since sways me away.

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