Google is starting to be known as a company that often frustrates buyers but, surprisingly, still manages to rake in big bucks year after year.

Although the tech giant keeps the Nexus series’ profit numbers a secret, it’s obvious that many owners, especially Nexus 6 owners, are growing in annoyance toward the company.

We can’t blame them – Google has left them in the dark by its decision to not revive all of Nexus 6’s features that most folks have fallen in love with. One clear evidence is the Pixel duo, which looked more like Apple devices that anything else.

Right now, there is no guarantee that Google will produce another stunning device like the Nexus 6. This is definitely a heart-breaking news to all Nexus 6 fans.

Fortunately, the Nexus 6 is a strong device that would be able to survive for a little over a couple of years from now. On top of that, it is a popular device; so, there’s no doubt that it will continue to be supported by unofficial ROMs.

Even if Google doesn’t want to help anymore, the Nexus 6 looks like it will stay fresh in the Android arena for a long time more.

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