Ever since Apple ditched headphone jacks with the latest iPhones, several Android OEMs have taken the same route and this is probably due to Apple being viewed as the role model in the smartphone industry.

The problem with this is that the vast majority of consumers still prefer having a headphone jack due to its simplicity and no-nonsense audio experience. The consumer feedback has placed some pressure on the tech manufacturers as they have to decide between appealing the market or advance forward.

The latest HTC U11 chose the latter and it resulted in extremely poor sales. Perhaps, this has convinced Google to ensure that the upcoming Pixel 2 comes with a headphone jack in a bid to avoid the wrath of the consumers.

Google may have yet to share anything on the Pixel 2 but various leaks surrounding the phone are all claiming that the audio jack will be present on the phone. The latest leak came in the form of a casing made for the Pixel 2 and the description clearly shows the availability of a headphone jack. The leak is embedded below and we sure hope that it can ease your worries for the Pixel 2.

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