Despite all the fuss that the Apple fans made when Apple announced that their iPhone will not come with a headphone jack, they fans eventually got used to it and adjusted to it without any issue and Google is taking that as a sign that it is time for them to ditch the headphone jack as well.

While Google has not announced anything yet, Walmart accidentally posted the device on their site showing us a Pixel 2 XL without its headphone jack. The image has been taken down but the damage has been done.

Of course, we only got to see the bottom of the device which means there is a change that the jack might be fitted on the top of the device but most people believe that Google will be ditching it in favor of an adapter or wireless earphones.

More details will be released soon as Google prepares to announce their new devices on the 4th of December. What are you most looking forward to seeing at the event?

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