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Google Pixel 4: Face Unlocking Not Secure


After Apple’s facial recognition feature, more and more smartphone companies have been working on offering something similar to their device as well. The new Google Pixel 4 will be coming with such a feature but it is secure?

Those that tested out the face recognition feature on Google Pixel 4 reported that the response is pretty fast and that users can unlock the device in mere seconds but others reported that the device actually unlocks even when their eyes were closed.

This is a reason for concern since somebody else can actually unlock your phone when you are asleep. Of course, this is also something the Apple devices can do but you will need to disable the “attention” requirement in settings for that to happen but the Pixel 4 does not have such an option.

Of course, with all the attention this has been getting now, Google could offer a fix for it soon but for now, you might want to be a little cautious.

Author:Michelle Kade

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