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Google Pixel 4 Smooth Display Not That Smooth After All


One of the features on the Pixel 4 that was highlighted by Google was the new Smooth Display but some users started noticing that the Smooth Display is actually not as smooth as Google wants us to believe and they might even have an explanation for why it is so.

According to the reports, Google will not allow some of the apps to run at 90Hz smoothly. Some of the apps that were blacklisted include Google Maps, Pokemon Go, Waze, and WeChat.

It was added that Google might have locked those devices at 60Hz since those apps already drain up a lot of your battery and probably did not want to let it run on 90Hz and drain up your device even faster. That reason is reasonable if we are talking about the Pokemon Go, Google Maps and Waze but what about WeChat which is more of a messaging app.

Well, the code seems to suggest that the app does not perform well at a higher refresh rate and that could be the reason why it is on the list as well.

Author:Michelle Kade

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