If you were a previous Samsung user who switched over to the Google Pixel, you may be disappointed that your Pixel device doesn’t have a notification LED light near the top that blinks for incoming calls, texts or notifications.

Not many may be aware of this but it appears that the Pixel device does comes with a LED light – it’s just been disabled by default.

If you want to turn it on your Pixel, just follow the guide below and customize it with an app called Light Flow to get the best possible experience.

How to Turn On LED Notification on Pixel

1. Drag down the notification bar and click on the Settings icon.
2.Tap on Notifications followed by Advanced Settings icon on the top right of your display.
3. Toggle on the Pulse Notification Light option.

That’s it and now you have LED notification alert on your brand new Pixel!

However, keep in mind that Google uses Ambient Display which turns the screen on and pulses in a low-power black and white state which in turn could take up valuable battery life.

Leave us a comment if this tip was helpful and let us know why the LED light is important to you!

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