Android Nougat has been creating quite a buzz ever since it was released – in good ways and some not so good ways. Although not all devices that are eligible for the update have received it, there are already news that Android O is near, especially since the first developer preview has been released.

The Android 8.0 update will be featuring some exciting stuff to the Google Pixel duo, along with other eligible devices, such as new ways to utilize custom fonts and icons, support for aptX Bluetooth streaming and new background limits to help save battery life, to name a few.

Despite all those impressive features, it appears that the Big O has left out the aurora live wallpaper. This is something that many folks loved so, obviously, it’s exclusion from the latest update has left many upset.

It’s hard to argue against this move as many reports on the Android O stated that it was going to crank up on its battery friendly features. That said, it is peculiar that there are still other live wallpapers.

Take this with a grain of salt; this could mean that the aurora live wallpaper isn’t included as this is a developer preview and not a full-on public beta version. They could be reworking the aurora live wallpaper to improve on it.

Although this is merely a theory right now, it seems plausible as the developer preview isn’t meant to be a fully functioning version of the latest OS – it’s just meant for developers to be able to start developing for it.

Well, if you are interested in testing out the developer preview version, you can click here to kick off the download. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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