Google’s Nexus 6 is a beloved device but it is far from being called flawless; especially since some users have reported on experiencing excessive lagging on the device.

A Redditor had obviously grown tired of the lagging device and opted for Google’s newest product, the Google Pixel XL.

Although the user hated the fact that the Pixel’s speakers couldn’t match up to the Nexus 6’s stereo speaker, he noted that the device was extremely fast with zero lags and the device was much easier to operate.

The Google Pixel XL, measuring at 5.5-inches, boasts a gorgeous AMOLED screen with a 12.3MP back camera and an 8MP selfie snapper. The device is packed with 4GB RAM along with 128GB internal storage and it is powered by a 3450mAh battery.

Meanwhile, the Nexus 6 measures 6.0-inches with the same AMOLED screen. The device features a 13MP back camera while its front-facing camera measures at only 2MP. The Nexus 6, fitted with a 3220mAh battery, features 3GB RAM along with 64GB internal storage.

Well, it sure looks like Google has stepped up its game with the Google Pixel XL. However, not everyone agrees that this may be a step forward as for a device of higher price, one is only in for probably a little less lag and a little better camera from the Pixel XL.

That said, if you’re a Nexus 6 owner, would you consider the Google Pixel XL as your next device?

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Larry Klipstein · March 25, 2017 at 7:12 am

No. My 6p far outshines Pixel. No lagging here plus better sound with the front stereo speakers. Pixel is Pixy Dust. High price for less of a phone.

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