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Google Stadia 4K Confusion Not Google’s Fault


Now that Google Stadia has been launched, some issues have been brought to light mainly the fact some features were missing from the start.

When Google Stadia was announced, Google promised that there will be 4K resolution for all games but some players have reported that games like Red Dead Redemption 2 render at 1080p.

According to Google, it is the developers’ fault that the game renders at a lower natural resolution and that the developers can continue to work on that to improve the experience for their fans.

Of course, with the price that the fans had to pay for the Stadia, we can see why they would feel like they were cheated but if the duty really lies with the developer, let’s hope that they would continue to update the game so that their fans can have a better experience on Google Stadia.

Author:Michelle Kade

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