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Google Stadia: New Games Coming Soon


Google did promise that they will continue to offer new games on their Google Stadia platform and now they have announced the five games that we will be seeing soon.

The new games will include Lost Words: Beyond the Page, Stocks on Stocks, and Spitlings which will b coming to Stadia this spring and summer. No date was given yet but we know that will see them on Stadia first before they are released on the other platform. We also do not know how long the time-exclusive will last.

On top of those three timed-exclusive games, Google also announces that Panzer Dragoon and Serious Sam Collection will also be added to Stadia but they also do not have a release date to give the fans at this point.

Google previously announced that they will be releasing 120 games to the platform in 2020 including highly anticipated games like Cyberpunk 2077.

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