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Google’s Android Messaging Update More Of A Downgrade


Google has decided to tackle their messaging products for years now. With all the types of messaging, there are out there, Google wanted to unify them all. At that time, we had Hangouts but every update since then has been more disappointing than ever.

After canceling off Hangouts, Google gave the task to the carriers allow SMS replacement to be owned and operated by mobile carriers but that did not work out well for them as well and we were not surprised.

Now, a few carriers have announce the Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative that will offer business chat services along with a new default texting app for the Android users but then again, Android users all know how bad carriers are at offering good apps so nobody really expect this to work especially seems it felt like Google had no part of it.

For now, we will have to wait and hope that things will actually be better this time but we are not keeping our hopes high.

Author:Michelle Kade

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