In about two to three years Grand Theft Auto 5, even with DLCs and multiplayer, will get stale and many more gamers will begin to lose interest. That’s the perfect time for Grand Theft Auto 6 to emerge, given that it development of the game has been initiated by Rockstar.

The game would most likely be released on the PlayStation 4.5 and Xbox One to cover current-gen console owners followed by a port to the the PS4 and Xbox One follow-up, just like GTA V did for the PS3 and Xbox 360 over two years ago.

There have been reports that Rockstar wanted to create a map based on Tokyo though the idea has been scrapped. Developers may or may not try to make another new map, but what many fans want is a revisit to Vice City.

Based on Miami, Vice City is one of the most beloved maps for GTA fans and the fact that the title that featured the location was set in the 80s, there is a possibility that Rockstar could explore the place again but fast-forwarded by 30 years instead.

Would you want to see the next GTA set in a modern day Vice City?

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