Rockstar seems to have the Midas touch with every Grand Theft Auto release. One of the best features of GTA 5 Online is the playing heist missions with other players, but it looks like Rockstar has pulled off the biggest heist with microtransactions.

By making players spend bit by bit, GTA Online has managed to rake in a revenue of $500 million.

According to Techno Buffalo which sites a report by Gamespot, the game’s microtransactions earn almost 100 percent in profit margin. In total, the game has made about $3 billion since its release in September 2013.

While some folks on their high-horse can claim that gamers are silly for spending on microtransactions, this is becoming big business for developers. Who would want to opt out from making so much money?

On the side of physical sales, GTA V has been reported by industry-tracking company NPD to be the fourth best-selling game in retail stores for March 2016. It has never fallen out of the top ten annual top-selling list since its launch.

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Mac · April 15, 2016 at 9:43 am

GTA 5 is stunning. Online every session has at least one and sometimes a dozen script kiddies ruining the game for everyone. The new scripts let these criminals, supported by R* and Take Two, steal players money, weapons, and other items. R* and Take Two feature videos of this theft as promotion of their software. Then you get a text about purchasing Shark cards for real money from R*. It’s a criminal enterprise tailored to wring every penny from vulnerable players. Do not buy into the kleptocracy by spending real money on this criminal promoting piece of broken software.

Dr. leroy Poop · April 15, 2016 at 10:26 am

holy crap!

GTAAddictAnon · April 15, 2016 at 11:26 am

As a gamer who spends money on these micro-transaction “cash packs”, I don’t think this article accurately reflects how expensive “keeping up with the Jones” can be in GTA Online, despite its already accusatory tone.

One of the most useful big ticket items is the Super Yacht. It clocks in at $6 million minimum game dollars, which after enhancements runs close to $100 real world dollars, if bought outright. That would represent many dedicated days of grinding with trusted online partners on the highest payout missions, the Heists, if done without cash. (Hint to those in the market, the $7 mil yacht is the best version. The $8 mil is laid out poorly and stocked excessively.)

There are also high performance supercars that carry $2 million price tags, and drive like it, too. While those figures are much more attainable, to collect several of those takes multiples of that effort… or that monetary investment.

I do some things to mitigate that, like converting Bing Reward points into cash packs every month or so, but only the most dedicated players can achieve the income levels to keep up with the constant rollout of new content.

At my age/career/parental level, I don’t have the time to grind. But when Rockstar releases new content, I always come back briefly to check it out and usually spend some money. Sometimes, I see they offer bonus cash for buying higher level packs of money, but again, the profit margin is already 100% for them, so the exchange rate is already kinda broken.

I have to hand it to Rockstar. They consistently elicit the impulse buy from me. I’m not hurting for money. I have a budget for these things. But it makes me wonder if everyone else is spending responsibly.

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