With GTA 5 already being around for a few years now, we understand that fans can’t wait for the next GTA 6 to be released so when reports of some players receiving in00game messages stating that the new game will be released in 2019, the fans were more than happy but it looks like all the excitement was for nothing after all.

After hearing about all these reports about players receiving in-game messages stating that GTA 6 will be launched in 2019, Rockstar Games came out to clear up the mess by announcing that it all was a hoax.

Rockstar did not explain how the hoax was made or who is behind it all but some fans believe that a hacker manages to find the loophole in Rockstar’s Social Club messaging system and used that to release the messages.

Of course, the whole thing did felt like a hoax from the start since it would be odd for Rockstar to announce the date this way.

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